How it works

Send messages to @remembrall_robot in Telegram: paste your links, add descriptions and #tags.

Where can I find a list of all commands?

How many links I can store up with Remembrall?

Remembrall has a storage limit: every user can store up 250 messages. When you go over the storage limit, you can still read existing content, but you won't be able to add new links. However, you can delete existing messages to free up your storage.

How do I edit message?

Just edit it in Telegram conversation.

How I can delete my message?

If you want to remove information from your Remembrall page, open chat with Remembrall bot, find the message and reply on it with /forget command. In situation when message has already been deleted from conversation, you can get link on it.
Copy link on Remembrall page by tapping # icon and send it to @remembrall_robot with /forget command.

What happens if I change my username on Telegram?

If you want to update your url on Remembrall page, you should enter /fixname command.

Which content I can save with Remembrall?

Now you can store up only text and links. If you need more, message me.

Can I use Remembrall in groups and channels?

No. Bot stores up messages only by regular users.

I still have questions. Who can I ask them?

If you have any further questions, comments and suggestion, open new ticket on Github or write me to Telegram directly.